Three best apps to recover all deleted numbers in your phone

best apps to recover all deleted numbers

Until a few years ago, the phone book used to accompany us almost everywhere. However, the advent of cell phones in our lives has changed that old habit. Now, practically no one saves numbers or writes them on paper and we prefer to save them in our mobile agenda. But what if we lose it or delete it by mistake?

There are different ways to recover it from an Android mobile phone: from the Google Contacts app itself to third-party apps, through sync and recovery via Gmail or the smartphone’s SIM card.

If our phone is running Android, the contacts will be linked to the Google account we work with on our phone, so we will start with it to recover the contacts we lost. In the browser (on mobile phone or computer) we will access Gmail using our Google account. But if this method did not work for you because of our reasons, we recommend that you use the easiest method, which is the applications, so in the list below you will find the best applications to recover deleted numbers.

Backup & Recover deleted contacts

This application will help you with several things, or retrieve your deleted numbers, then the ability to make a backup file and return the contacts to the address book with all the relevant information, in addition to that if your number book in your phone has many duplicate contacts? L It removes all duplicate contacts from your phone and keep the address book clean, all you have to do is choose the duplicate remover feature from the app screen and it will scan your phone and delete all duplicate contacts quickly.

Deleted Contact Recovery

This application is one of the most wonderful as it enables you to retrieve the phone numbers that you have deleted, as each of us may have had such a problem in his mobile phone, where sometimes you delete some numbers or they are deleted without your interference and you do not know what to do. Therefore, this application enables you to retrieve it without any problems, after installing the application on your phone you will find several options in it and the first option is the ability to make backup copies of phone numbers or transfer them to another phone without any problems. With the ability to retrieve what is deleted.

Recover Deleted All Contacts

With this application you will not be afraid to lose any number, you can simply create a backup for your contacts if you haven’t lost any of them yet, but if you have already lost any numbers or deleted one or all of your contacts by mistakes, you can also restore them. All with one click.