Free PUBG Mobile UC Credit together with SEASON package

Free PUBG Mobile UC Credit together with SEASON package

Here is the best way to get Free PUBG Mobile UC Credit together with SEASON package. The need to pay anything, as a gift that is shipped to you with your own hands in the game of PUBG through a site that offers many wonderful gifts and additions that every player dreams about, just follow the article to the end to get Whatever you want from free wrenches.

Free PUBG Mobile UC Credit of pubg and seasons for pubg

The pubg 2021. com site is one of the best sites that provide free PUBG wrenches to the player as a free gift, so that they are shipped to the player’s account after requesting them from within the site in a very simple way. After requesting the wrenches, only one offer will be completed to verify that you are a real person, and after Confirm the site of your account. 1800 packs will be sent directly to your account in PUBG for free. After charging the wrenches, you will be able to activate the new Royal Pass Season subscription or any other season you want to activate within your account in the PUBG Mobile game .

How to request free PUBG MOBILE and SEASON packages from pubg

First, log in via the following official website link:

The main interface of the website will open to you as follows: (Complete the steps to recharge your pubg network for free).

Are you looking for free wrenches? Click Yes.

Do you play PUBG MOBILE daily? Answer what works for you.

What is your level in the game? Over 50 – Under 50, answer as long as it suits you.

How many pegs do you have? Answer what works best for you and preferably less than 50 even if you don’t really have intensity.

Enter your name or hands – select the device type (Android – iOS – Windows).

Click Verify.

Excellent! You are now eligible for the last step.

Click (last step).

An interface will open that contains verification offers (complete one offer only to have 1800 units charged for free to your PUBG Mobile account)

After successfully completing the demo: Run the game and you will find at the top of your account the number of 1800 units sent to you from the pubg website.

steps to Free PUBG Mobile UC Credit